This article is to assist with SafeConsoleReady devices that are currently being managed by EMS. There is a separate guide for the H300/H350 and the S1000 device(s) which can be found HERE. This article describes the process for recommissioning a device. Once the device is recommissioned, it will function as an out-of-box device and can be configured with SafeConsole management. For additional assistance with SafeConsole configuration and deploying devices with SafeConsole, please see the SafeConsole Admin Guide.

NOTE: This process will delete the data from the device so it is recommended that all data is backed up before starting the process. 


- All data must be backed up, as all data on the drive will be lost during the recommissioning process.

- Before beginning, please update your device firmware. You can find device firmware updates in the link below.



1. Log into IronKey EMS

2. Click "Manage Devices"

3. Click the device you are looking to move to SafeConsole

4. On the following screen, click "Recommission" from the Silver Bullet options

5. Plug the device in and launch the application from the CD/DVD partition

6. The device will reset and display a popup - Click "OK"

7. Unplug and Reinsert the device

8. Launch the application from the CD/DVD partition 

You may now proceed with registering this device to SafeConsole