The EMS Device Migration is the process that allows moving devices from EMS to SafeConsole. This involves resetting the device and deleting all data on the drive, then resetting the drive to a factory-like condition. 

Only after migration can the device be managed with SafeConsole. A normal recommission is not enough. At this time, only the H300 and H350 running software 6.1 or above and S1000 running software version 6.2.2+ can be migrated.

An infographic linked below provides an overview of the required steps


If the drive does not have a "Migrate Device" button (SentryOne, SentryEMS, D300) please use the "Recommission" command following the instructions found here: Here

Migration should only be done if attempting to migrate to SafeConsole. If you plan on reusing your device for a new user on EMS, simply recommissioning the device is sufficient.

If using IronKey EMS On-Prem v7.2 it is strongly recommended to keep all devices with initiated migration in 'Active' state. Do not delete or disable the device after beginning the migration process until the device is fully migrated. If a device with initiated migration is disabled, the migration process cannot be completed until the device is re-enabled.

The device can be re-enabled only on the Manage Users page. If a device with initiated migration is deleted, the migration process is canceled. 'Device Migrate Canceled' log will not be displayed in this scenario. To initiate migration again, the device will need to be recommissioned and re-activated in EMS On-Prem. Does not apply to IronKey EMS Cloud v18.4 and newer.


  • All data must be backed up, as all data on the drive will be lost during the migration process
  • The H300/H350 drives must be on version 6.1.0 or later - Download the latest version Here
  • The S1000 devices must be on version 6.2.2 or later
    • To find the version number on EMS:
      • Navigate to the Device Page
      • Find the version number under the Device Name (Note this device will need to be upgraded from 5.4.0 to 6.1 before migration.)

    • To find the version on the device Control Panel:
      • Unlock the device
      • Navigate to the Device Info page by clicking on the gear icon
      • Find the version number under the serial number (Note this device will need to be upgraded from 5.4.0 to 6.1 before migration.)
      • If using the S1000 the devices will need to be updated from 5.0.1 to 6.2.2 before migration

Upgrade to v6.1.0.0 if needed. Download - Instructions 

Upgrade S1000's to v6.2.2 if needed. (Contact Kingston at for the update package)

Migrating from EMS

Admin Steps:

  • Navigate to the Device Page on EMS
  • Click Migrate button, which is listed next to the other Silver Bullet functions            

  • Inform users that Migration has been initiated
  • Provide users with a SafeConsole Connection Token to use after the migration

User Steps:

  • Launch the Unlocker.exe and log in
    • Option 1: Wait for the device to check for updates automatically (every 2 minutes)                   
    • Option 2: Navigate to the Tools page on the Control Panel (by clicking on the gear icon), and click Check for Updates  

  • The device policy will be updated and awaiting recommission
    • Option 1: Leave the Control Panel open for 10 minutes and the device will recommission automatically
    • Option 2: Lock and exit the device, relaunch the Unlocker.exe, and the device will recommission automatically  

  • Unplug and replug the device as the recommission message instructs
  • Launch the Unlocker.exe
  • The device now asks for an Activation Code or Connection Token            

You may now proceed with registering this device to SafeConsole