SafeConsole Ready Devices that use the Windows 10 default USB 3.0 driver (xhci) and block writing to removable storage can potentially experience a Blue Screen when opening the client program. 

The cause of this Blue Screen is the outdated generic Microsoft USB 3.0 drivers.

The current workaround is to update the USB 3.0 Drivers to the latest ones from the manufacturer or to use the device on a USB 2.0 port. 

USB 3.0 Drivers are available from your computer manufacturer, usually a part of "Chipset" drivers.

For example, the Dell Vostro 5459 drivers are available here.  

For other scenarios please go through the following troubleshooting process:

  • You may want to perform a clean boot of Windows to verify that there isn't any third-party software causing this error. You can refer to Microsoft for this process
    • If this resolves your Blue Screens then you will need to use Microsoft's Event Viewer to figure out what software or service was causing the Blue Screen.

  • If the USB device draws more power than your computer can provide it can also cause a Blue Screen. 
    • Unplug other USB devices, if using a USB hub make sure it is connected to power.

  • If Applicable to your system you may want to disable the power save option for your device. Refer to this article
  • If you noticed that the blue screen only happens on USB 3.0 or only on USB 2.0 ports you will need to re-install the drivers.
    • Refer to the manufacturer of your computer or motherboard for any new USB or Chipset drivers.