SafeConsole can populate its users in multiple ways. 

  • When a user registers a device, SafeConsole will query the Active Directory server to figure out what Path to put the user in. If no Active Directory server can be found then a path will be created based on the local computer and username.
  • With SafeConsole On-Prem optional direct sync can be done with the configurator. Link to Setup Guide
  • Using Powershell to export users from Active Directory and manually import to SafeConsole. Link to KB 
  • Manually creating users from inside SafeConsole. (Requires SafeConsole v5.2.0+)

Policy Table CSV Import

SafeConsole 5.2 revamped the way Admins can add and modify users and groups. To review how to manually add Users and new paths see the following support article: Adding and Modifying Users and Paths. 

If you want to dump multiple users into an already existing policy path simply export your users into a CSV file in the following format that includes Username and EmailAddress.

Full NameFname@domain.local
Jeff SimonJSimon@domain.local
Chris WilliamsCwilliams@domain.local
Joe SmithJsmith@domain.local

Download the above template here or at the bottom of this page. 

It is confirmed that saving the CSV file as "CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv)" will work. Once you have your CSV file created, click on the wrench next to the path of where you want to import the users to. Then select Import New Users from CSV.

Upload and specify the format of your CSV file.

The users will be placed into that path and will be ready to register new devices. This process must be used in conjunction with User Token Registration.

User Table CSV Import

It's also possible to import all your users into multiple paths. 

A CSV can even be exported from your Active Directory Domain Controller in the correct format needed to import. For more information see the following article: Export Users from Active Directory

If you are not using Active Directory you can still import all your users by manually creating a CSV file like This one. Download the attached CSV to use as a template. Four entries are provided for reference. 

CN=Full Name,OU=Group,DC=domain,DC=localFname@domain.local
CN=Jeff Simon,OU=Sales,DC=domain,DC=localJSimon@domain.local
CN=Chris Williams,OU=Marketing,DC=domain,DC=localCwilliams@domain.local
CN=Joe Smith,OU=Marketing,DC=domain,DC=localJsmith@domain.local

The DistinguishedName column is broken down by the following: 

CN = Full Name of User

OU = Path you want the user to be a part of. 

DC,DC = Domain name. The last DC is the Top Level Domain (TLD), with the previous DC being the subdomain and so on. For example, if your company's domain was you would use DC=acme,DC=com. The DC field is required! 

Import your modified CSV file in the Users tab of SafeConsole by Clicking Import CSV. Note, this is a different location than what is described above. 

A hard refresh might be required before the Users show up in the policies tab. This example would create 4 users placing them in 3 separate Groups