With SafeConsole 5.2+ it is now easier than ever to Add and Edit Users and where they belong. 

New Registration can still be automatically organized by the user's location in Active Directory, however, if you would like to manage your own User layout, SafeConsole gives you the tools to do so. 

You are able to edit, add, and delete paths. As each path can have a separate policy, this gives you full control on how access is given to your users. Creating a group in a Path will make a new path with the old path the parent. If a custom policy is applied to the parent then the child will inherit the same policy. Any changes to the parent policy will also affect the child. At anytime the child path can also be given it's own policy. 

To add a new user to a Path click the Wrench icon next to the path and select add new User

Fill in the User's name and email address.

The User will be added and the Unique Token is generated. This can also be emailed to the user.  

Enabling a unique token will force users into the Path that you have defined along with adding extra security. (See Requiring Each User To Have a Unique Token for more information.)

If you need to add multiple Users to a Path you can import a CSV file with a list of usernames and email addresses. See Importing with CSV