This article will guide you on how to add an image to the emails sent by your SafeConsole


Log in to your SafeConsole Server

  1. Click Server Settings>Custom Email Template from the left menu.

  2. Select the article you would like to edit, and click the Edit button



The email templates can utilize the special variable tags shown in the table below:





You can also edit the text in the templates or add your own images.


*** If you are adding images, we recommend that you link the images and host them on an internal server.


Once you have selected your imaging host service (internal recommended)  make sure the images can be publicly accessible.  


To add the image: 


  1. Change the view from plain text to HTML


  1. Go to the image you want to use and right-click> “Copy image address”




  1. Go back to the custom email template you were editing and select the picture symbol


  1. Paste the image address in the insert image text box 

  2. Once the image is inserted, you can adjust the placement by switching to code view and looking for the image ur (example:<img src=""></a>.  Cut and paste the image Url where you would like to place the image.    


  1. Click the code view again to see how the image looks in the email body. 









Once you have finished customizing your template you can have the server send a test email to a defined email address by clicking the “Send Test” button in the bottom right corner.




When you are satisfied with your changes and have tested them, be sure to click the 'Save' button to save any changes you have made: