We have updated our licensing plans to enhance the ordering process for DataLocker SafeConsole and licenses. All open existing quotes will be honored.

Effective February 1, 2024

  1. Each account will have a mandatory SafeConsole Server License
    • This sku indicates the Plan the customer needs.
      • Basic (formerly Starter)
      • Professional
      • Enterprise
    • Only ordered at initial purchase and renewal.
  2. MOQ has been removed for all plans.
  3. The Starter Pack has been EOLed.
    • The replacement plan is the Basic
  4. Ordering new licenses will use the same sku for all plans.
    • The bundled Device Management and Anti-Malware sku is back.

For ordering a new server, the quote and PO should include:

  • SafeConsole Server License (Basic, Pro, or Ent.)
  • Onboarding (Basic or Pro/ENT, for initial purchase only)
  • License SKU per device/endpoint
    • Device Management - DML-1 or -3
    • Anti-Malware – AMM-1 or -3
    • Bundled DM and AM – DMLAM-1 or -3
    • PortBlocker – PBM-1 or -3
    • SafeCrypt – SCM-1 or -3

As of April 2024, all new accounts and renewals have been presented with this new plan structure.

Learn more about our Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans here.

At your first renewal after April 2024, your account will be updated to the current licensing structure. 

We want to ensure that you have ample time to consider the continued usage of these amazing features. Make sure to ask for the Enterprise plan for your next renewal.

If you have any questions, we very much welcome you to contact your account manager or email us at sales@datalocker.com or support@datalocker.com for technical questions and we will assist you with further details.

Thank you for choosing SafeConsole as your device and port control central management software, we appreciate your trust and look forward to serving you for many years to come.