DataLocker DL4FE/K350 Password Recovery Blob Known Issue

Impacted DevicesSentry K350, DL4FE

Identified IssueThe device client (v6.5 and lower) had a discovered bug that would incorrectly hash the one-time-password blob for pinpad devices when attempting to save the data to SafeConsole, causing the error "Incorrect Password" to be shown when attempting to use the "Reset Password" feature from the console. This would result in the SafeConsole Administrator being unable to assist with password resets and requiring the device to be factory reset (with potential data loss) in order to get the drive back into a usable state. 

How to Resolve: Update each drive to Unified Client v6.6 or higher (Device Updates page)

- Connect the device to the machine that can reach the SafeConsole server

- Unlock using the existing password

- Apply the latest update

- Re-connect and unlock the device on a machine that can reach the SafeConsole server

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I update the drive to the latest software version?
    • The new release is automatically applied if configured in SafeConsole. It can also be downloaded and applied manually (please contact your SafeConsole Administrator)

  • What will happen to the existing data on my pinpad device if I am unable to update to the latest version?
    • If you are unable to remember the current password, the device must be reset using Brute Force (10 incorrect password attempts). 
    • **PLEASE NOTE** All data on the drive will be lost during a Brute Force attempt. 
    • After the reset, you will then be able to set up the drive, reconnect to your SafeConsole server, and apply the latest update to prevent this going forward.