New Features/Changes:

  • The initial release of Unified Client for Sentry 3 FIPS

  • Legacy client version 4.8.xx will update to Unified Client

  • Same feature set as Sentry One/Sentry One Managed devices

New in Unified Client 6.6

  • AV engine updated to version 6400

  • macOS Monterey support

  • OpenSSL upgraded from 1.1.1d to 1.1.1L

  • cURL upgraded to

  • Updated debug logging - reasons for cert mismatch, device info, TLS info

  • Event Log: Malware infection now show file’s MD5

This new client allows for the same feature set as Sentry One and Sentry One Managed devices


1. All device updater packages require a physical Windows 7 or later machine.  

2. Downgrading the device to an older software or firmware version is not supported and can potentially cause data loss or impairment to the device's functionality.



  1. Download the update package.

  2. Plug the Sentry 3 FIPS into a physical computer running Windows 7 or higher operating system.


  4. Right-click on the update and select ‘Open'.

  5. Message-warning to back up data appears.

  6. Click ok.

  1. Click Start Update.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  2. Double-check that the connection-token matches the SafeConsole server the drive was connected to before the update.

  3. Enter your password and click Unlock.

  4. Click on Device Info and verify that your device shows software version 6.6.

Known Issues:

  • Sentry 3 FIPS - OS generated error might be displayed ‘The operation can't be completed because of an unexpected error occurred (Error code-1309)’ when a restricted file is copied to the private partition on macOS.

    • Workaround: Ignore the error. Click the OK button to dismiss the error.

  • Control Panel quits without an error message if ZoneBuilder is enabled and the device is updated with the disallowed IP/Country policy.

    • The end-user will see an ‘unauthorized location’ message upon the next unlock attempt.

  • If Unique Token is enabled in SafeConsole, it must be entered again after conversion from previous client v4.8.47/v4.8.49. 

    • Workaround: Administrator must provide Unique Token to the user or disable Unique Token in SafeConsole

  • If ZoneBuilder mandatory connection is enabled in SafeConsole 6.x tab, the device needs to be reset in order to update to Unified Client. Unified Updater will detect such a device and prompt the user to reset the device prior to updating.

    • Workaround: Disable ZoneBuilder mandatory connection in the SafeConsole 6.x tab policy, unlock DT4000G2/Sentry 3 FIPS device at least once to get the new policy. Run the Unified Updater again.