When migrating from EMS to SafeConsole, you may have the need to reuse EMS users if they still require a managed hardware encrypted device. Since these users already exist in EMS, you can export the necessary information from EMS to import the user to SafeConsole. The export from EMS contains extraneous information in addition to having column names not match the SafeConsole scheme. The process outlined below will help with exporting your users from EMS, modifying the CSV that is exported, and importing the users to SafeConsole. 

Note: This process does not detail the setup of the SafeConsole policy or deployment of devices. For more information, please refer to the SafeConsole Administrator Guide.


Exporting from EMS:

1. Log into my.ironkey.com either using your Admin Device or Weblogin 

2. Click "Manage Users" from the left menu

3. Click on the Gear dropdown from the upper right corner of the Manage User's page


4. Select "Download"

Note: You should see a CSV download to your downloads folder

Modifying the CSV:

1. Open the CSV in a spreadsheet management software (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for example)

2. You need the "Name" and "Email" columns, remove all other columns

3. Rename "Name" to "UserName" and "Email" to "EmailAddress" (Example attached in the footer of this article)

4. Save the CSV in a known location to be used in the next process for import

Import users CSV to SafeConsole:

1. Log into your SafeConsole (Typically - https://my-company.safeconsolecloud.com/safeconsole)

2. Click "Manage" -> "Policies" from the Left Menu

3. Click the Wrench icon next to your policy 

4. Select "Import New Users from CSV"

5. Browse to your saved CSV from the above process (1 Below)

6. Select the encoding (Typically - UTF-8) (2 Below)

7. (Optional) Check "Send an email to all users" (This will email the connection guide to all imported users) (3 Below)

8. Click "Import" to complete the process (4 Below)