Background: SafeConsole is licensed on a per-seat basis. Each device that is registered to SafeConsole will consume a license and as more devices are needed, more licenses can be added. In some circumstances, devices may not return to your organization due to theft, loss, or other unforeseen events. To prevent these devices from consuming a license seat, SafeConsole Managed Devices can be set to certain statuses that will free up the seat to be used on a new device.

Please see the below table to understand which statuses do and do not consume a license seat.

Device StatusUses a License Seat?

In use

Waiting for disableYes
Disabled (Devices w/ 4.8.x client)Yes
Denied accessYes
Waiting for resetNo
Factory ResetNo
Pending audit modeNo
Audit modeNo
Waiting for approvalNo
Pending detonate (S1000, H300/350, and DL4)No
Detonated (S1000, H300/350, and DL4)No

If additional license seats are needed, please contact and/or