SafeConsole Built-in Email Service Change (Impacts OnPrem Servers Only)

The service used by SafeConsole to handle the built-in email server will be changing on November 18th, 2020. This is due to changing authentication requirements by the provider which will directly impact how SafeConsole OnPrem is currently configured to use this service. 


What does this mean for OnPrem servers?

  • SafeConsole OnPrem accounts that are currently using their own email service will not be impacted. 
  • SafeConsole OnPrem accounts that are using the SafeConsole built-in email server option will no longer be able to send any emails from the SafeConsole server. ( password reset emails, Quick Connect Guide emails, or Admin account activations emails, etc) 

What solutions are available? 

  • For an immediate solution, SafeConsole OnPrem accounts can be configured to use a custom email server instead of the built-in email server option. (For details, see page 10 of the SafeConsole OnPrem Install Guide)

  • In the longer term, our Development Team has been working on updating the built-in email service to meet the authentication requirements as set by the provider and is on track to release an update for SafeConsole by the end of 2020 that will resolve the issue and allow continued usage of the built-in email server. Once released, you will be required to update your SafeConsole OnPrem installation in order to continue to use the built-in email server