This article will show how to turn on the SafeConsole Recycle Bin as well as how to utilize its features.

Enabling the SafeConsole Recycle Bin

  • Log in to your SafeConsole Server using your Owner account and navigate to Server Settings>General

  • Locate the "Enable recycle bin for Devices and SafeCrypt Drives" option and check the box

            Note: If the box is grayed out you are not logged in as the Owner's account

  • Once you have enabled the Recycle Bin, you should be able to find the Trash filter under Manage>Drives

By clicking on the trash button, your Drives table will filter down to see only drives that have been Deleted and moved to the Trash. A device that is Deleted allows you to recover a license seat. From the Trash, you will be able to permanently delete a device from your SafeConsole server, or restore the drive back to an active state. 

Permanent Delete/Restore

  • In order to adjust the status of a device, filter your drives table for devices that have been placed in your Trash by clicking the Trash button.

  • Next click on the serial number of the device you want to change the status of.

  • From the pop-out screen you will be able to change the status of the device to either Delete Forever or Restore