Devices that are on 6.2 or greater are able to receive device updates through SafeConsole. Each device update will be found in SafeConsole's Server Settings in the Updates section.

Each entry will provide details regarding the device update, one key piece of information is if the update requires admin permission to install. It is recommended to only push updates that end-users will be able to complete in their normal environment to prevent issues during updates. 

To allow the update to be pushed out click the green, Add to policy, button. 

In the version 6.x policy editor the selected device updates will be shown as available. These are the updates devices will check against when checking for updates. 

Please note: Older device updates must be removed in order for the drive to pull down the newest update. Failure to do so may keep the drive from recognizing that an update is available.


The device will automatically check for updates each time they are unlocked. When a device update is found the user will be prompted to start the update process. They will be presented with the device version and link with the release notes and the option to download or cancel the update. 

During the update process, data will be attempted to be retained on the device, however, it always best practice to back up any critical data on the device before starting the update process. 

Once the updater finishes downloading, the device will lock and the update process will begin.

Once complete the drive can be re-inserted into the computer and launch the built-in unlocker application. The drive will then report the new version and the update process will be complete.