Starting with SafeConsole v5.6, Admins can restrict device login until the McAfee Anti-Malware has finished updating its virus signature database.

This is particularly useful as it ensures there are no gaps in protection between logging in and checking for updates for the virus signature database

Please note that this policy will only apply to devices running the 6.3 client and later.

The setting can be applied with the following steps:

  1. Navigating to the policy editor for the chosen path.
  2. Select v6.x from the filter across the top.
  3. Expand the Anti-Malware table.
  4. Mark the 'Enable Anti-Malware Protection' box.
  5. Mark 'Restrict device login...'.
  6. Select 'Save'.

With that setting in place, the anti-malware updates will need to be downloaded to the client's computer. This download process will take extra time during the unlock process. Once the download is finished the user will be able to unlock the device like normal.