Admins can be forced to use 2-factor authentication by the owner of the SafeConsole account. This provides an extra layer of security on the account.

To force 2-factor authentication, it must first be turned on. To do this:

  1. Click Profile Settings from the user menu in the top right corner.

  2. Click the 2-Factor Authentication tab.

  3. Choose one or both methods.

  4. Follow the steps to enable your chosen method.

To force admins to use 2-factor authentication:

  1. Navigate to the Admins page by clicking Admins on the left side menu.

  2. Locate the Web Console Security section and check the Enable Two-factor Authentication Enforcement checkbox before clicking Save. Note: This setting can only be edited by the owner of the account.

  3. Admins will see a red banner at the top of their screen the next time they log in stating that their profile is not complete and they will automatically be directed to the 2-factor authentication page. They will be unable to view or perform and functions until 2-factor authentication has been set up.

To add Two-factor authentication to an Admin during account creation:

1. Navigate to the Admins page by clicking Admins on the left side menu.

2. Select Add New from the Admins page above the "Last Seen" column

3. When creating the Admin account, check the box for Force 2-Factor Authentication

This will force the newly created admin to add two-factor to their account when they log in.