To enter custom SMTP settings login with your Owner account and locate the SMTP Mail Server options under Server Settings. By default SafeConsole servers will use DataLocker servers to send emails to users and admins.  

These emails will be sent from If you prefer to configure SafeConsole to use your own SMTP server settings then the Use Custom SMTP server. This will allow you to enter the following information. 

Send From Email Address: The Address emails will be sent from

SMTP Host: The IP or hostname of the SMTP server

SMTP Port: Enter the port of the SMTP server 

    Note: SMTP port 25 is not supported for SafeConsole Cloud. Please configure accordingly.

SMTP Username: The username to use to authenticate to the SMTP server with

SMTP Password: The password to verify authentication

The two optional checkboxes and description are as follows:

Secure Connection: Enable to use SMTP-SSL

Disable SSLSocketFactory: Enable if using TLS(587)

Once all the information is entered enter a email address to send a test email and click Test

Note: If using SafeConsole On-prem and email settings were set using the SafeConsole Configurator then those settings will still be applied until changes are made in the web-interface. (Please see video below for how to configure using Configurator)