Upgrade to 5.x Process:

Preparing to Upgrade:

It is highly recommended that you backup your existing SafeConsole install before performing the upgrade process.

1) Stop SafeConsole service

2) Zip up the existing SafeConsole folder and move it to a safe location.


Steps to migrate:

1) Download the SafeConsole.exe by navigating to the following link


2) Open the SafeConsole-Setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.

3) The installer will prompt for a migration option.

Please note: A new license can be installed during the installation process if needed

5) Run the SafeConsole Configurator (the installer will give an option to launch it automatically at the end of the installation).

6) At the last step of the configurator you will notice that the SSL certificate is already imported from the old server. Simply hit the next arrow and complete the configuration process. 


7) Your default browser should open after you hit "Yes" on the "Do you want to start SafeConsole server" pop-up given in the configurator.