Issues Identified

1. Your existing version of SafeConsole is labelled "SafeConsole for Kingston" This means that the current license you have only supports older Kingston manufactured devices. 

Fix: Once you complete the upgrade to SafeConsole 5.3.2, you will need to contact me and we will provide you a new "Product Key"  that you can import into the new Console.

2. The current certificate you are using does not support Google Chrome Browser" In order to access the new Console, you will need to use Internet Explorer (I.E.) or Edge as you have in the past. Ensure that when you are upgrading, you do not request a New Certificate (See install instructions below)

3. When you launch the executable to run SafeConsole 5.3.2, you must launch it from a command line using the -m switch. The command can be found in the upgrade instructions below.

Upgrade to 5.3.2 Process:


Steps to migrate:

1) Stop the Safeconsole service and Back up the 4.7.3 server from Program Files (x86)\BlockMaster folder. ( net stop safeconsole from command prompt can be used) 

2) Download the SafeConsole.exe and navigate to it via command prompt. Run the SafeConsole.exe with "-m" chain. ( image attached for reference ) 



3) Follow the instructions from the installer. The installer will prompt for migration option as seen in the following image.


4) A new license can be installed during the installation process of after completing the process by logging inside the safe console portal via License page. Contact Joshua Kleczka  to receive a new product key to update your license.

5) Run the SafeConsole Configurator ( the installer will give an option to launch it automatically at the end of the installation)  

6) Important: At the last step of the configurator you will notice that the SSL certificate is already imported from the old server. Simply hit next arrow and complete the configuration process. DO NOT generate the new cert. 

7) Your default browser should open after you hit "Yes" on "Do you want to start SafeConsole server" pop up given in the configurator. 

8) Upon logging in SafeConsole you will see 'all users and devices migrated successfully'. 

If you would like me to set-up a remote session to walk through the upgrade process, just let me know a convenient date and time and I will send you a GoToMeeting invite. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.