• SafeConsole Server: 5.3.2 270
  • Device Client - 4.8.40+ or 6.3+
    • Note: This feature is not available for all device client versions.
  • Valid Anti-Malware License

On supported devices, the McAfee Anti-Malware client software downloads virus definition file updates directly from servers at McAfee.

If you are using SafeConsole to manage supported SafeConsole devices, you can configure devices to download the virus update (.DAT) files from a location you specify - such as a locally hosted server - to reduce your internet bandwidth usage.

To configure an alternate download server for McAfee virus definition updates:

    1. Set up a webserver to host the anti-malware definition files.

    2. Copy the contents of (including the directory structure) to a location on the webserver.

    3. Make sure the computers on which devices are used can access the files over the network.

    4. Set up a script to regularly download updates from McAfee to your web server.

        For example, you can schedule the following sample command to run:

wget -nH -np -m

        This will download files to a "products" directory in the directory from which the command is run. You may need to alter this to suit your particular needs. Documentation can be found at:


If it is desired to host the McAfee updates on the same web server as SafeConsole then the above command should be run inside the SafeConsole webapp folder. The default location for that is C:\Program Files (x86)\safeconsole\webapps. This will provide a resulting Custom URL of https://SERVER/products/commonupdater/.

To update your policy within SafeConsole: 

  1. Log into SafeConsole and access the Policy page.
  2. Click on the policy you wish to edit by finding it in the policy section and clicking Modify.
  3. Find the Anti-Malware section and click on it to expand.
  4. If it's not already enabled, check the box to enable it.
  5. Enter the custom URL from above into the box.
  6. Click Save.