This article will show you how to enable Web Console Geofence within your SafeConsole Server and what to do if you lock yourself out.

GeoFence Steps

-In order to enable Web Console Geofence you must first verify that you are logged into the Owner account. 

-To view what account you are currently logged in as, select the admin tab. From there locate the green person icon - this is the account indicator. If you are signed in as the Owner account, you will find a red Owner indicator within the Roles column.


-After you have verified you are logged in as the Owner, you can scroll down and enable Admin GeoFencing by selecting the corresponding checkbox. 

-You will be presented with three different ways to restrict it, IP address, Country, or ISP. You can choose to Allow  (allow only access through approved sources) or Restrict (restrict access from specific sources).

Bypass On-Prem Admin Lockout

If you have locked yourself out of your On-Prem server please follow these steps to disable Admin GeoFencing.

From the Windows machine running your Safeconsole Server:

-Stop your SafeConsole Server: Run Command Prompt as an Admin and use the command net stop SafeConsole

-Navigate to your SafeConsole installation folder. This is usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\safeconsole

-Open the SafeConsole.ini

-Add the line: admin-geofence-enabled=false

-Save your changes and start your SafeConsole server: net start SafeConsole

Once your SafeConsole server starts up, you should have access to the Server once again.

Bypass Cloud Admin Lockout

If you have locked your self out of your SafeConsole cloud server please use the link below to contact support and they will assist you in regaining access.