Email customization is a useful tool to provide users with necessary information (such as company policies or other requirements) that is not already listed in the default emails. Once a message has been edited and saved, the option to restore the default will be displayed. Admins can customize the email templates for emails sent in the following instances:

  1. When a new admin is added
  2. When a new user is added
  3. When 2-Factor Authentication is enabled
  4. When 2-Factor Authentication is disabled
  5. When a device password reset is requested
  6. When a SafeConsole password reset is requested
  7. When the Deployment Wizard is used

To access the templates:

  1. Click Server Settings from the side menu
  2. Click Custom Email Template  
  3. Choose the template you want to edit

Important information about Custom Email Templates:

  • Clicking a template will open the default message that is used
  • Admins can edit using HTML or plain-text
  • Be extra careful to leave strings that are within the brackets { } intact as these are dynamic strings that will be replaced with meaningful content once the email is sent.