With the release of SafeConsole 5.3.2,  automatic Active Directory user syncing is introduced. This feature allows seamless integration between Active Directory and SafeConsole, such that, when a new user is created in Active Directory they are automatically imported into SafeConsole. After downloading SafeConsole 5.3.2 and finishing the install, you will be prompted to start the SafeConsole Configurator. 

To set up automatic Active Directory syncing:

  1. Check the Integrate SafeConsole with Active Directory box on the first page of the configurator and fill out the following information:
    • Domain Controller
    • Port
    • Non-privileged AD user
    • Password
  2. After filling out the above information, click the right arrow to continue. The configurator will present you with an alert box stating that it is searching the Active Directory for the available security groups. 
  3. Once the search has finished you will be brought to the next page of the configurator, on which you will need to use the drop-down menus to select the corresponding security groups for SafeConsole Administrator, SafeConsole Manager, and SafeConsole Support.
  4. Page 3 of the configurator presents three options:
    • Perform a full synchronization
      • This option will import all AD elements into the SafeConsole database
    • Perform a partial synchronization
      • This option will import only OU’s into the SafeConsole database
    • Do not synchronize
      • This option will only add the domain to the SafeConsole database
  5. To enable automatic user syncing, the full synchronization option should be selected.
  6. After finishing the configuration, SafeConsole will sync with the Active Directory installation and automatically import the user base.

Automatic user sync notes:

  1. The sync is one-way. Changes made in the Active Directory install are reflected in SafeConsole, but changes made in SafeConsole are not reflected in the Active Directory install.

  2. When a new user is created in SafeConsole, that user is not added to Active Directory.

  3. If a user is moved in the Active Directory install, then that user will also be moved to SafeConsole.

  4. If a user has a policy set and is moved to a different path, the user will keep their original policy.