SafeConsole allows for the creation of administrators in many different ways, and SafeConsole version 5.3.x adds the option to promote users to a group administrator role. Promoting a user to this role will give the user administrator access to all users in their group and permits password resets and other device actions for devices own by those users. The promoted user will only be able to see and manage the other users in the group the user was promoted from. Users promoted to group admin may be demoted by a global admin if needed, and they can also be promoted to a global admin from group admin status.

Promoting a User to an Admin:

  1. Log in as the SafeConsole Owner to your SafeConsole Server.

  2. Click Admins in the side menu

  3. Check the box for the Enable Custom Role-Based Security System, located in the Custom Role-Based Security Settings section. When prompted, click "OK". You will be logged out of SafeConsole following this switch. *Please note that it is not recommended to switch the server back and forth between the Role Based Security System enabled and disabled*

  4. Log back in, navigate to the Admins page, and check the Allow Creating Basic Group Admins

  5. Click Manage, then Users in the side menu

  6. If needed, add a new user to a path. For more information about adding a new user, see Adding and Modifying Users and Domain Paths

  7. Click on the user's name to open the User Details popup

  8. Promote the user to admin by clicking on the Admin Type, then clicking Promote to Admin

  9. The new admin will be sent an email to confirm their account and create a SafeConsole account password

Notes on Admin Promotion:

  1. Upon logging into the server, the new admin will only have access to admin actions and areas 
  2. The new admin will only be able to see the path that they were promoted from
  3. The admin will only see the users and devices in their path

Demoting Admins back to Users:

  1. Log into SafeConsole as a Global Admin
  2. Click Admins in the side menu

  3. Click the Actions drop-down menu for the admin that is being removed, then click Remove

  4. Click OK on the popup

The admin will now be a user in the group he/she was originally promoted from

Promoting Admins to Global Admins:

  1. Log into SafeConsole as a Global Admin

  2. Click Admins in the side menu

  3. Click the Actions drop-down menu, and click Edit

  4. Select Global Admin, then select the role/add a new admin role if needed. 

  5. The new Global Admin will receive a new email with a password reset. 

Note: The new Global Admin cannot be demoted, only removed.