NOTE: YubiKey is only compatible with 4.8.x clients and not the latest 6.x client. 

This article will show you how to configure a DataLocker Device to unlock using certificates installed on a YubiKey when using ZoneBuilder auto-unlock. 


1. Install and open YubiKey PIV Manager.

2. Create a new PIN for your YubiKey if needed.

3. In the Key Management Tab, select Import from File, and select the client p12 file that is signed by the CA that ZoneBuilder is configured to use. 

4. Enter the password for the p12 file.

5. You should now see the certificate stored on your YubiKey. The certificate will be available to be used the next time it is plugged into the computer. Thus, we should unplug and re-insert.

6. On the device, go to settings.

7. Then click “Trust this account.” The device will lock and require that you enter the password.


8. The device now trusts the certificate on the YubiKey. The next time you Launch your DataLocker drive with the Yubikey Inserted you will be prompted for the YubiKey Pin. 

9. Your drive will now unlock without the password.