Cipher Encryption Update:

Steady advances in computation and cryptography add stronger protocols and encryption ciphers. These same advances also potentially weaken older protocols and ciphers, rendering some ciphers obsolete. DataLocker is committed to protecting data in transit through means that meet or exceed the existing industry standards. This commitment requires deprecating obsolete and compromised ciphers as soon as they are identified.

At 1:15pm PDT Thursday March 29, 2018, EMS Cloud enabled Diffie-Hellman key exchange ciphers and disabled RSA key exchange ciphers.

This EMS Cloud cipher deprecation change affects all IronKey S200/D200, S250/D250, D300m, S1000, Windows-To-Go, and H300/H350 devices. 

Depending on the configuration of each company's network, affected devices might be unable to connect to the EMS Cloud.

The only available EMS Cloud ciphers for IronKey S200/D200 (all versions), S250/D250 (all versions), S1000 (all versions), Windows-To-Go and H300/H350 < are:



Please reach out to your network administrator or hosted network security (firewall/proxy) help-desk team to review the specific configurations available within your company's network to allow traffic between devices and the IronKey server to continue. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Datalocker Support.


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