This process is best to be completed upon initial setup of the device. This step will allow the System Administrator to view the device serial number through the EMS console. 


  1. After the device has been assigned and registered to the user, you will need to go back into the EMS console and access Manage Devices.

  2. Click on the Device ID.


  1. In the top right hand corner of the Device Profile select Edit. This will allow the Device ID to be changed.

  2. Change the Device ID to match the Serial Number on the case of the Sentry EMS. 

  3. The System Admin can now track that device by the external serial number. 

Note: This only applies to Sentry EMS devices for on-premises servers. All other devices have the serial number already present. The Cloud Server has the serial number for new Sentry EMS devices. D300M devices do not have an external serial number.