If an Administrator navigates to the' Device Profile' page to perform Silver Bullet functions and they are not displayed as per the screenshot below, there are two main reasons why this will occur:

Reason 1:

The Administrator is trying to perform these functions on a device assigned to themselves. Administrators cannot manage their own device(s).


Access the 'Device Profile' page from another Admin device or web login account.

Reason 2:

Silver bullet features are not set to 'Allowed' in the device policy.


Click on the drop-down menu for the Silver Bullet feature you require and select 'Allow'.


a) Once you modify the policy, select "Save Version" as opposed to "Save as New" to ensure devices with the previous policy receive the new policy changes once the device has been unlocked.

b) If the device policy does not check for updates automatically and you want the Device users to update their profile, have them access the device control panel and select 'Settings" (Gear Icon), and have the user click on "Check For Updates".