The latest version of Enterprise Management Server (EMS) allows Sys Admins to create Web Login accounts to access the EMS console without the need for hardware.

NOTE: We recommend retaining legacy admin device(s) for device management for any legacy device(s). As such, please plan to utilize separate user name(s) and email address(es) for Web Login (Deviceless) Sys Admin accounts. 

To create the account, use the following steps;

1. Access the EMS Console using your USB device.

2. Select 'Manage Users' on the left-hand side panel

3. Select the Group where you want to add the Admin or leave as 'Default' if desired and click on the ADD drop-down button.

4. From the drop-down ADD button, select ADD USER and the following screen appears. Complete the Information as normal however once you set the 'Role' ensure that you change the 'Authentication to 

'User and Password' instead of 'Device and Password' (this option is only available to admin variants)

5. Click on 'Save' and the following message appears

6. Locate the e-mail and click on the link provided to activate the following screen

7. Complete the fields and click on 'Create Account'

8. Enter your e-mail address and the password you created in the above screen and click on 'Log In'

9. The following screen appears. Obtain the Access Code from the sent e-mail and enter the code and press 'Submit'

    (Two-factor Authentication)

10. The EMS Console will now launch