The autorun.inf message is part of the IronKey Anti-Malware protection. This message will appear if there was an attempt to modify the Auto Run file located on the IronKey's Secure Volume. There are 3 reasons why this happens:

1. A virus is attempting to infect your IronKey (this is not very common).

2. You have an Anti-Virus application like Trend Micro which has a feature that attempts to delete autorun.inf files from USB drives. The IronKey protects the file and this message will appear. This does not affect IronKey functionality and should only show on computers with this Anti-Virus installed.

3. You have encountered data corruption, including the autorun.inf file. If the IronKey is working fine, we suspect this probably is not the case.

To prevent this message from popping up in the future, you will need to add an exception or exclusion to your anti-virus software so that it will not scan or modify the IronKey's autorun file. Each anti-virus software program is different so you will need to consult your software's manual for the exact instructions. If your virus scans were clean, you do not need to worry about the message as it should not affect your IronKey's functionality.