Administrators, if you would like to register devices to SafeConsole for your Users, then these are the steps you should follow:


  • Your SafeConsole Server should be on version 5.2.0 or above
  • Your SafeConsole Ready Devices should be updated to 4.8.25 or later. The latest firmware updates available here
  • Enable "Requires a unique token for all device registrations" in server settings.
  • Enable "Disable machine ownership confirmation during registration" in server settings

Failure to meet these requirements will register devices to the incorrect account. 

  1. Create the users manually in SafeConsole or Import a CSV list of the users. 
  2. Follow the Quick Connect Guide with a new device you will like to register. The Quick Connect Guide is available in the Help section on the left-hand side of the SafeConsole web interface. 
  3. When prompted for the Registration Token, use the token of the User you will like to register the device for. The user's unique token can be found by going to Manage Users and clicking the wrench next to the User's name (5.2.2) or the pop out box ahead of the User's name (5.2.3).
    Registration Token on Devices (4.8.25-4.8.38)

    Registration Token on Devices 6.0+

    View Unique token on SafeConsole (5.2.0 - 5.2.2)

    View Unique Token SafeConsole 5.2.3+
  4. The administrator will be required to set an initial password to the device to complete registration, however, this password will not need to be given to the user for access.

  5. The user will insert their device and initiate a password reset. This process will need to be done on a computer with a connection to the SafeConsole server. The process is as follows:

    1. User clicks "Password Help" or "Forgot Password" on the Control Panel.

    2. User contacts their SafeConsole Administrator to retrieve the Response/Recovery Code. 

    3. The Recovery Code should be emailed from SafeConsole by the Administrator to the User. 

    4. User will enter the Response/Recovery Code into the Control Panel. 

    5. User will be prompted to create a new password. 

    6. Drive will be unlocked and is ready for use.