Previously Admins had to access the management console through the control panel of their issued Admin devices.

Key new features:

  • Admins will now be able to access the Management Console via a Web-based interface without a physical IronKey device.
  • Email-based two-factor authentication will be required to access the Management Console via a user name and password.

Impact to your account:

  • Admins will be able to gain access to the management console without requiring a physical IronKey device.
  • This will still allow the admins to manage their account devices, users, and policies just as they had previously, but simply provides them easier access to the Console.
  • This feature is optional – when adding a new Admin User to your account, you have the option to pick which login method works best in your environment. Choose the new device-less method to ensure that you will always have access to your management console in the event of your IronKey Admin device being lost.

For more information on device-less login, see the EMS Admin Guide on pg 18; "To Access Admin Console Using Web-Based Login".