What are the unknown geolocation entries in my geolocation list?

You may see unknown entries on your Geolocation list from time to time.  Normally these are web bots/crawlers that scan the internet searching for sites to cache and index.  When they come across your SafeConsole server, the server will record this entry and save it's Geolocation data.  This not an indication of whether the someone has logged into the server through that IP Address.  You may ignore the entry and simply delete it from the list.  

You may also see a new entry if you have recently reached out to the SafeConsole support team.  The support team may have ran some diagnostic tools to help resolve your server issues.

** UPDATE: SafeConsole v5.2 come with an enhanced Geolocation detection system to properly ignore web bots and other scanners.  Most connection events will be validated and properly recorded.