With SafeConsole 5.2 Geolocation data can be managed to help the administrator configure devices and run reports. The Management function is available in the Server Settings of SafeConsole.

This management interface lets an admin view, edit, and delete IP addresses that have recently connected to the SafeConsole Server. Editing these addresses allows an admin to specify the location of the IP address, which can be used to help define the GeoFence and Trusted Network Policy. All Private IP address,, will need to be edited to define their location when using SafeConsole On-Prem to work correctly with GeoFence and Trusted Networks. New IPs can also be added by clicking the blue button. Location can be pinpointed to the correct building if managing multiple campuses.

An accurate geolocation data will help with Device Audit Logs. Clicking on an IP address will show the location entry for the log. The logs can be filtered to only show entries for that IP address.