When a user forgets their password while connected to SafeConsole they can request a password reset by going to Actions -> Forgot password

Clicking on the email address will populate an email they can use to send to their SafeConsole helpdesk personnel.  An example could be an email with the subject of, "SafeConsole Password reset for {user-name} ({serial})" This template is created in the Remote Password Reset policy in SafeConsole. 

In the "Subject of Password Reset email" field variables can be used to gather more information about the particular device. For example, having the Serial number in the email will assist your helpdesk in finding the correct device. To show the owner of the device and the serial number insert either:

SafeConsole Password reset for {console.user} ({device.serial})

* All variables need to be in {} or they will not be formatted and replaced with real values

For devices on 4.8.25 or newer {owner.name} can be used instead. This will get the current owner of the device instead of the original person that registered the device. (This can happen if devices are re-assigned using the SafeConsole dashboard) 

SafeConsole Password reset for {owner.name} ({device.serial})

Repeat for each policy if using custom policies. For a complete list of variables that can be used please refer to this article