To use your DataLocker DL3 and DataLocker DL3 FE offline you will need to enable ZoneBuilder to use certificates. 

  1.  Find the correct policy for the device you want to enable.
  2.  Follow this guide to create new certificates. You will need to upload the CA certificate to SafeConsole and install the client certificate on your computer.
  3.  Enable the correct ZoneBuilder Policy as shown below

  1. Enable ZoneBuilder
  2. Select "Automatically unlock devices on trusted computers users"
  3. You will now plug your DL3 or DL3 FE into a computer that has both an online connection to SafeConsole and the Client Certificate that was installed during Step 2. 
  4. Once the device is authenticated, go to settings. Then click "Trust this account."

You can now install the same client certificate on any computer and the device will not need an online connection.