SafeConsole allows you to copy files from a network file share to a SafeConsole Ready Device. 

Please note: Publisher is only compatible with versions 6.2 - 6.3.1. This feature has been removed for versions 6.3.2 and higher. You are still able to use SafeConsole Publisher for devices using 4.8.x clients.

Please ensure the following are correct to successfully use Publisher:

  • The File Server must be accessible from the user's computer and credentials.
  • That you are publishing a folder inside of a share and not an entire share, ie \\SERVER\share

How Publisher works

  • Everything in the network published folder is copied over to every device configured with the policy including subfolders.
  • Any updates to the network published folder are applied to every device after authentication
  • Any updates done on the device is NOT synced to the network published folder

Publisher can be used in combination with Authorized Autorun to execute files after they are pushed to the device.