Recycling a device resets the drive to factory settings and wipes all configurations.

All information on the drive will be destroyed. Please make sure all your data is backed up first. 

To Recycle a Drive:

1. On the main menu of the device's executable, click Recycle Device.


2. Read the warning on the Recycle Device page, and then type the management code in the Management Code box. The default management code is RECYCLE (all capitalized). If this management code is found to be incorrect, you may have changed the code during the initial setup. Please try one of the first passwords you used when you set up the device. You may also get the error that the management code is incorrect if you are trying to recycle the device inside of a virtual machine. Please try again on a physical Windows installation.

3. Click Next.

ACCESS Standard will automatically recycle the device. You will then need to personalize the device to use it again. This would involve setting the administrator password, creating a user, and setting the user password. Optionally, the Management Code can be changed. Be very careful, because if the Management code is changed and you forgot your administrator password you will no longer be able to recover, add new users, or recycle the device.

For more information regarding personalizing and setting up your device from the default state please see the H200 User Manual (PDF) or H100 User Manual (PDF).