Admins can require devices to register to a server out of the box on macOS by running the command below from Terminal. This will attach the server registration token URL to the user's profile allowing the devices to autofill the connection token during setup: 

defaults write com.blockmaster.device console

For device client versions 4.8.24 and higher:


If the device is currently unmanaged, it will prompt to register with the server and will not allow device use in an unmanaged state.  

Upon device startup, the "Connect to SafeConsole" screen will be shown in Fig 1.  If the user cancels this process, the client software will quit and the device cannot be used without registering with the server provided.  

The "connection-token" field is greyed out and cannot be modified through the device client software.



For device client versions 4.8.23 and lower: 

The user will have to perform the registration process manually by going to Actions->Connect to SafeConsole. 

The server will automatically be populated in the connection-token field for easy registration.