Solid green:

Open, if no authentication mechanisms are set, any user can use  the device. User has logged into the device—if users exist, it indicates that the device has authenticated a user. 

Flashing green:

The flash frequency is approximately  once per second and indicates that the device is waiting for a finger due to one of the following situations (H200 Only

• The device has just been plugged in and no user is currently  logged into the device. 

• Software has initiated a biometric authentication or enroll  operation. 

• A user has initiated a finger authentication operation for  example, by touching the device when it is in the “idle” waiting for-finger state. device will remain in an idle  state for only two 

minutes  before the LED turns red to indicate the device is locked.

Flashing red once:

Failed fingerprint authentication attempt. The device will go  back to waiting for a finger (flashing green normal) after the failed signal finishes.

Flashing LED  alternating  between red and  green:

The device is waiting for a finger to authenticate but this is also  the last chance to authenticate before biometric access is blocked. The frequency is approximately twice per second.

Flashing red:

The device is either powering up or is totally blocked. When totally blocked, no authentication methods are available to allow a user to log into the device; this indicates that the device needs 

to be recycled or reset.

Solid Red: 

The device is locked.

Blue LED:

Indicates a data transfer activity for all devices.

Flashing red and blue:

Indicates that a fatal internal error has occurred. 

Solid Yellow:

Sufficient power from the host computer is available and the  device  is operating normally.

Flashing yellow (slow):

Insufficient power to operate the device. Attach both USB  connectors to the host computer. If both connectors are already plugged in, and the LED continues to flash, the host computer 

does not meet the USB power requirements. 

Flashing yellow (fast):

Power detection has timed out. Unplug all USB connections and  reconnect the them. 

No Yellow LED

No power is detected. Device is off. 

H300/H350/H400: This also may indicate that the device has been self-destructed