SafeConsoleReady DL3 Setup Guide

  1. Connect to device using Administrator password (default password is 0000000).
  2. Go into “SETUP” menu of the DL3 device.
  3. Go into “SAFECONSOLE” screen of the SETUP menu and touch “ENABLE”.
  4. Back out of that screen and go into “USER PASSWORD” screen of the SETUP menu.
  5. Touch “CREATE PASSWORD” button. (This will require you to change the current Administrator password.)
  6. Touch “CHANGE PASSWORD” and set a new Administrator password.
  • Please save this password in a secure location as you cannot recover passwords from DL3 devices with SafeConsole.
  • Back out of the “SETUP” menu and disconnect the DL3 device from the computer.
  • Connect to device using User password (the default password is 0000000).
  • Once you have logged on as the user, the DL3 device will auto connect to the computer and you will get the "SafeConsole Waiting..." message on the DL3's LCD.
  • After a few seconds, Windows will display an AutoPlay window, click run "DataLockerDL3" and the SafeConsoleReady app will open.
  • At the SafeConsole Connection Token URL screen, enter your connection URL to register this DL3 to your SafeConsole server.
  • The DL3/DL3FE limitations are Passwords are managed by the Firmware (no password recovery, no password reset, no password policies of any type will apply to it), and will only work on Windows Computer Systems. The Self Destruct is managed by the firmware and by SafeConsole and is not able to be disabled or modified through the device settings and will be forever tied to that SafeConsole server once connected, until reset from SafeConsole.

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Phone: 913-310-9088