SafeConsole uses third-party location services to obtain its geolocation data for each IP address.  

If running SafeConsole On-Premises, please make sure your SafeConsole server can access hostnames: and Even without a connection to these domains, the GeoFence settings will still work using IP addresses. 

If you notice an IP location is incorrect, this may be due to the internet provider (ISP) reporting incorrect location data.

Another possible cause of this issue could come from users that are going through a proxy server that is being hosted in a different area than the user.

You may use this free lookup service:

Once you have searched the IP address in question, you will find that there are different locations assigned to that IP address on different services.

To combat this issue, we have added a new feature in SafeConsole v5.1.0.  On the Server Settings page, you will find a Geolocation Customization area where you can edit an IP's location to its exact location.  This will help you better identify your users and give you peace of mind about their exact locations.

Additionally, you can add IPs to the table that may be missing using the below button: