While rare, Application Error (5020) may happen when the IronKey Control Panel is open and you are reformatting your IronKey's Secure Files Volume, which is the drive on which all of your IronKey files are stored.

To resolve this error, use Windows built-in feature for formatting drives. 

Note: All Data is permanently erased when formatting the drive! 

  1. Unlock your IronKey device.
  2. Close any error messages that may appear.
  3. Open 'My Computer' by going to the Start Menu in Windows.
  4. A list of drives on your computer will appear. Right-click on the IronKey Secure Volume. This volume drive letter is the next letter in sequence to the IronKey Unlocker CD volume and is often displayed as "IronKey Secure Files", "IronKey USB" or "Removable Disk", depending on your computer.
  5. Select "Format".
  6. Select "Start" and confirm the warning message about erasing all your data.

This will reformat your IronKey and leave it in a fresh state however all data will be wiped.