HTTP Status 403 - Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden.

Possible reasons:

  1. The machine trying to access SafeConsole is not inside the range of IP addresses allowed in the SafeConsole Configurator "IP Filter"

    Resolution: Adjust the IP Filter range in the SafeConsole Configurator wizard.

  2. The certificate installed in your browser for SafeConsole does not match that used by actual SafeConsole server.

    Resolution: Delete all SafeConsole certificates installed in your browser, restart your browser and try to connect to SafeConsole on https://localhost/safeconsole from the server itself, ignore the error and log in. If this works install the certificate from the deployment page. Now log into SafeConsole using 
  3. The user account you are trying to connect to SafeConsole with doesn't (yet) exist inside either one of the three SafeConsole User groups - "SafeConsole Administrators", "SafeConsole Managers" or "SafeConsole Support".

  4. If you are running SafeConsole on Windows 2008 server then please make sure that IPv6 is disabled as this is currently not supported. 

HTTP Status 401 - The request requires HTTP Authentication

Possible reasons:

Bad DNS records AND/OR an internal web proxy is blocking access to the SafeConsole server.

To confirm :

  1. Run "nslookup [domain name]" to ask the DNS-server for the IP-addresses that is mapped to the domain name.

  2. Try to ping all the IP-addresses and make sure they all are servers and not client hosts.

  3. If any hosts don't answer or are incorrect, please remove them from the DNS server.

  4. Step through 1-3 again but ask for domaindnszones.[domain name]

  5. Step through 1-3 again but ask for forestdnszones.[domain name]

HTTP Status 500: Internal Server Error - Failed to connect to SafeConsole with HTTP error 500

Possible reasons:


This can occur when SafeConsole is uninstalled, then reinstalled on the same host using a different certificate password than the one used during the previous install. If you have uninstalled (or plan on uninstalling) SafeConsole, please be sure to:

  1. Remove the browser certificate(s) installed during the previous installation

  2. OR reinstall SafeConsole using the exact same certificate password used in the previous installation


 Certificates for Internet Explorer can be found in the Trusted Root Certification Authority store [Tools > Internet Options > Content Tab > Certificates Button > Trusted Root Cert. Authorities Tab] 


Certificates for Firefox can be found in the Servers tab of Certificate Manager [Tools > Options > Advanced Encryption Tab > View Certificates Button > Servers Tab]