Most likely the X250 device requires a software update to to resolve this issue. 

Please contact for the update link.

In some rare cases, the Malware Scanner on X250 shows this error when the DAT file was previously downloaded incorrectly. In this case, the steps for a workaround are listed below.

NOTE: You are required to end the AVmalwarescanner process in Task Manager in order to complete the following process.

1. Click on the Files folder from Control Panel

2. Open x:\Device-System-Files\MalwareScanner\dats

3. Delete all dat files

4. Click Settings from Control Panel

5. Navigate to Tools - Device Health section

6. Click Restore Onboard Apps

7. Select Malware Scanner - click OK

8. Click Ok on the confirmation message.

For more information related to the Anti-malware loading error, click here.