For devices running software version 4.8.x

Launch the device executable in the Virtual CD partition mounted in Windows Explorer.

Select Help from the menu bar then select About


Select Restart to create log file

The application will automatically restart and the location of the of the log file will be automatically open in Windows Explorer. 

The log file can also be accessed by navigating to either 

%appdata%\BlockMaster or %appdata%\DataLocker 

If submitting your log file to DataLocker support fully reproduce your issue. It is then best to let the application sit for a few minutes after. The log file can then be zipped and emailed to or included with any current tickets. 

For all other devices models and versions:(where E:\ is the mapped drive letter assigned to the device in Windows Explorer)

For DL3/DL3FE:

E:\win\DL3.exe --log-level 3

For SafeToGo:

E:\win\SafeToGo.exe --log-level 3

For Sentry 3.0:

E:\win\sentry.exe --log-level 3

For Sentry FIPS:

E:\win\Sentry3.exe --log-level 3

For Sentry 3 FIPS:

E:\win\Sentry3FIPS.exe --log-level 3

For Kingston DT4000G2M-R:

E:\win\dt4000g2m-r.exe --log-level 3

For Kingston DTVP30M-R:

E:\win\DTVP30M-R.exe --log-level 3

For Kingston DTVP30DM:

E:\win\DTVP30DM.exe --log-level 3

On MacOS:

Log file location:



open /Volumes/Login/ --args --log-level 3


open /Volumes/Login/ --args --log-level 3




* You may have another exe file name other than Sentry3.exe or