Log file location:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\BlockMaster\ or %appdata%\BlockMaster

For Sentry 3 devices running software version 4.8.22 or higher:

Launch the Sentry executable mapped in Windows Explorer (Computer)

Click on "Help" => "About"


Select "Restart to create log file"

The log file will be automatically generated and launched.

If the file does not launch, browse to:

For all other devices models and versions:(where E:\ is the mapped drive letter assigned to the device in Windows Explorer)

For DL3/DL3FE:

E:\win\DL3.exe --log-level 3

For SafeToGo:

E:\win\SafeToGo.exe --log-level 3

For Sentry 3.0:

E:\win\sentry.exe --log-level 3

For Sentry FIPS:

E:\win\Sentry3.exe --log-level 3

For Sentry 3 FIPS:

E:\win\Sentry3FIPS.exe --log-level 3

For Kingston DT4000G2M-R:

E:\win\dt4000g2m-r.exe --log-level 3

For Kingston DTVP30M-R:

E:\win\DTVP30M-R.exe --log-level 3

For Kingston DTVP30DM:

E:\win\DTVP30DM.exe --log-level 3

Command prompt example:

On MacOS:

Log file location:


open /Volumes/Login/Sentry3FIPS.app --args --log-level 3

open /Volumes/Login/Sentry3.app --args --log-level 3

* You may have another exe file name other than Sentry3.exe or Sentry3.app.