Applies only to SafeConsole OnPrem


The 403 error indicates that your computer’s IP is blocked in the Trusted Zone IP address filter.

This could be due to :

  1. An IP address filter which contains zeroes (0) instead of blank fields in the configuration - you can check this by starting SafeConsole configurator from the SafeConsole install folder and go to the access page.

  2. Your computer is using IPv6 and has multiple Network Interface Cards (NIC) and the computer is using one of them to connect which gives you an IP address which is not included in the IP address range - you can fall back on https://localhost/safeconsole to try and access the service using your local IP which is always allowed. The server should also be accessible from any other computer in your network in the valid range you specified in the configuration.

  3. You can try to completely clear the IP filter in the configuration (only blank fields) which should enable you to access the server from any address.