If you are an IronKey Administrator and are attempting to access the Admin Console, you may encounter a login page instead of the EMS Admin Console page. This problem is due to Single-Sign-On (SSO) failing.

We have found that some proxy servers (typically service/cloud-based solutions) use load balancing or round-robin. This will cause the SSO to fail because there are 2 connections made when logging into the Admin Console. The IronKey service requires the two connections to originate from the same Class C subnet. If the second connection is coming from a different Class C subnet, the authentication/SSO will fail for security reasons.

A sticky route will need to be configured for IronKey services in your proxy management console. However, if this is not a possible solution you may also use a PAC file to direct all IronKey traffic through a firewall or direct connection. This will prevent SSO failures from occurring, as well as any other IronKey service-related connectivity issues. 

IronKey EMS Cloud currently uses these URLs:

my.ironkey.com (port 80/tcp and 443/tcp)
services.ironkey.com (port 443/tcp)
upda.ironkey.com (port 443/tcp)
updb.ironkey.com (port 80/tcp and 443/tcp) 
my.safeconsole.com (port 80/tcp and 443/tcp)
services.safeconsole.com (port 443/tcp)
upda.safeconsole.com (port 443/tcp)
updb.safeconsole.com (port 80/tcp and 443/tcp)

*You may also add an exception for *.ironkey.com and *.safeconsole.com if your proxy/firewall allows wildcards, or place an exception for the and subnets."

If problems persist, the issue may also be related to processes that are being blocked by third-party security software, For more information, access the following link: