Existing System Admin adds a new user and sends an Activation Code (S100)

  1. Unlock a System Admin device 
  2. Click on the my.ironkey.com  in the IronKey Control Panel 
  3. Once logged in click on the 'Managed Users' tab on the left hand side of the Admin Console 
  4. Click on the "Add" button, then click on "Add User"
  5. Enter the user's Name and email address, then set their Role to "System Admin", and click the "Save" button.
    IMPORTANT: Make sure the "Email Activation Code to User" box is checked before clicking "Save".
    New admin activates their device and online account
  6. Give the IronKey to the new System Admin and have them follow the instructions in the the Activation Email message they received. The new admin must activate their device and activate their online account.
    Existing System Admin Approves the new Admin Device
    Do the following once the new System Admin has finished step 7:
  7. Go to the Admin Tools section of the IronKey Control Panel and select "Admin Approval" 
  8. Click the "Check for new Admins" button. The new device should be displayed along with the new admin's name / email
  9. Click the checkbox next to the device you want to approve
  10. Click on the "Approve Selected Admins" button
    New System Admin verifies they have Admin rights
  11. Insert and unlock the new System Admin device
  12. Click on the my.ironkey.com link to log onto the service
  13. Click on the "Admin Console" tab, which should display the Enterprise Dashboard
  14. Verify that "Admin Tools" are now visible in the left panel of the IronKey Control Panel

Additional information can be found in the Managing Users paragraph of the Using the Admin Console section in the Enterprise Admin Guide.