This message typically means that Windows may have detected some file corruption on the PRIVATE_USB of the drive and wishes to scan the drive as a precaution.

Perform a CHKDSK on the PRIVATE volume. If the data on the drive is accessible, we suggest backing up your data before proceeding.

  1. Your DataLocker drive will need to be unlocked first.
  2. Open This PC, and remember the drive letter for the "PRIVATE" USB. If you are not sure which one this is, look for the Application volume, and the PRIVATE_USB is likely to be the next drive letter in sequence (it may also be labeled as "Removable Disk").
  3. Click on the Windows Start Menu.
  4. Type in "CMD" and press enter on your keyboard. (A field to type may not immediately appear. This is normal, just begin typing).
  5. From the command prompt window, type in CHKDSK and then the PRIVATE drive letter (not the Application volume), and then /f/r/x.
    For example, if the PRIVATE drive letter is G, you would enter:
         CHKDSK G: /f/r/x

If a message appears stating files are in use on the volume and it needs to force a dismount, type 'y' and press 'enter' on your keyboard to continue.

This will perform a "check disk" on the PRIVATE_USB and look for any corruption problems. Be sure to repair if prompted.